We are proud to be working on impactful agricultural, forestry, and climate change adaptation projects across Cameroon. Our current projects include:

Organic Pineapple Farm, South West Region

[Photo of pineapple field]

We partnered with a smallholder cooperative to convert their conventional pineapple farm into a certified organic operation exporting premium pineapple juice and dried fruit. This project has increased the incomes of over 100 farmers.

Key impacts:

  • 150 hectares converted to organic certification
  • Farmers received 40% price premium for organic pineapples
  • Export of canned pineapple juice and dried fruit to Europe

Forest Carbon Project, East Region

[Photo of forest]

Working with rural communities, we implemented a REDD+ carbon offset project that protects 20,000 hectares of threatened forest and pays local families for conservation efforts.

Key impacts:

  • High biodiversity forest under protection
  • Local communities for forest monitoring and patrols
  • Expected emissions reductions of 1 million tonnes of CO2 over 30 years

Climate-Smart Agriculture Training, North West Region

[Photo of farmers in training session]

We trained 500 smallholder farmers in climate-resilient agriculture practices including drought-tolerant crops, low-tillage techniques, and integrated pest management.

Key impacts:

  • 500 farmers received hands-on climate-smart agriculture training
  • Adoption of practices leading to improved food security despite climate stresses
  • Increased climate change awareness among farmers and rural communities

“Agro Systems has been an invaluable partner for our conservation efforts. Their expertise and community engagement model has led to real progress.” – Conservation NGO Partner