Business Services

We provide specialized business services to help agricultural enterprises start, scale, and access new markets successfully.

Our business development consulting includes:

  • Business plan development covering financial modeling, operations, marketing, and risk management planning
  • Feasibility studies assessing technical, economic, social, and environmental viability
  • Organizational development and capacity building for cooperatives and farmer associations
  • Facilitating partnerships and linkages between producers, suppliers, buyers, and other actors
  • Design of quality management and sustainability systems including certifications

Our financial services include:

  • Access to patient capital through our impact investment fund
  • Creative financing structures including equity, debt, convertible debt, and revenue-sharing
  • Assistance securing loans and grants from banks, donors, and government programs

Our export/import assistance includes:

  • Handling shipping, customs, documentation, and logistics
  • Access to international buyer networks and distribution channels
  • Guidance meeting quality, labeling, and food safety regulations
  • Strategic advice on entering and scaling in export markets

We provide end-to-end support to help agribusinesses develop and gain access to the resources they need to expand production, reach new markets, and maximize positive impact.


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