Agrosystems Group is a private company located in Buea, Southwest Region of Cameroon. We grow and market food crops to both individuals and businesses.

We are determined to make an impact in fighting food insecurity through agricultural production,and environmental sustainability.
Our mission promotes localized adaptation, supported by international best practices, resources, and knowledge targeted at key leverage points for global systems change..

Our core values are to deliver the best services to our customers through an embodiment of human and professional values. These values revolve around Competitiveness, Service, Excellence, and Professionalism.

Cameroon Food Industry Market

Surveys show that over 26.7 million Cameroonians or 89% of Cameroon’s population directly or indirectly consume one of our crops. In addition, about 19 million consumers buy our crops for other members of their family, including children. Regular market surveys consistently find that almost all Cameroonians consume these four crops as staple foods. The basic reason cited for a food crop like cassava is that private companies seek cassava flour and starch, for example, Nestlé, for making Maggi bouillon cubes, and Guinness, for the hydrolysis enzyme used in the production of beer. Cassava is also an essential part of the diet of people in Africa and provides a sustainable source of livelihood for millions of farmers. Therefore, in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa, cassava is referred to as a ‘complete crop’, and the second most important source of carbohydrates after maize. It is eaten by about 500 million people every day on the continent.

Because of its resistance to high temperature, drought, and increased concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide, cassava has very much adapted to climate change. It thrives in growing conditions in agroecological areas and seasons which would not otherwise be suitable for other crops. Because it has no definite maturation point, the harvest may be delayed until market, processing or other conditions are more favorable for the farmers. According to Abhijit Mohanty an Indian Freelance journalist working in Cameroon, there is a great potential for cassava to reinforce food security, particularly with the increased population, recurrent droughts, disasters, market opportunities, and recent policies aimed at reducing cereal imports in sub-Saharan Africa. Maize, for instance, is the first ingredient in the manufacture of animal feed. It is indispensable in aviculture and accounts for about 65% of the input for manufacturing poultry feed. The most cultivated cereal in Cameroon, maize is regularly consumed by about 27 million people, or 92% of the population.

What Services we offer

Agricultural Production

We grow food crops, rear animals and market products to our customers.

Transportation of Agricultural Produce

We transport food crops to our customers.

Agrosystems Group at Green Impact Week 2022, 30-31 May 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Consultancy Services

We conduct research and provide environmental, business, Legal and technical advice to agricultural investors, farmers, landowners, environmental protection organizations, and government institutions.