Climate Change Research

We partner with leading universities and research institutions to study climate change impacts on agricultural and natural systems.

Our climate change research focuses on:

  • Understanding the impacts of rising temperatures, changing rainfall patterns, and extreme weather on crops, livestock, and forests
  • Developing climate-resilient agricultural practices to improve adaptation
  • Evaluating carbon sequestration potential of various practices to support emissions reductions
  • Modeling future climate scenarios and vulnerabilities to guide planning
  • Assessing climate change effects on soils, pests and diseases, and ecosystem services

We maintain research partnerships with organizations such as [University Name], [Research Institute Name], and [NGO Name] to expand knowledge on climate change and identify solutions.

Our goals are to generate research that informs policy, enables climate-smart management, and empowers vulnerable communities to build resilience. We strive to understand the threats of climate change and develop practical strategies for mitigation and adaptation.

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