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EPDA – Environmental Protection and Development Association (EPDA) is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization working to secure a sustainable future for all. EPDA lays emphasis on promoting a world where humans nurture nature as an asset for life, peace, and human development.


The mission of EPDA is “is to promote sustainable environments, food security and peace as the catalysts for community development”.


EPDA envisions “to achieve a world built upon healthy and rich environments for the support of sustainable and peaceful lifestyles by the combined efforts of communities, civil society, government and businesses”. This vision takes into consideration the interaction between man and the environment, and the perception and interpretation of peace and life-saving elements of sustainable development in the minds of people.




We invest our time and resources on communities needs and building our work on that

Business Services

We provide specialized business services to help agricultural enterprises start, scale, and access new markets successfully. Our business development consulting includes: Business plan development covering…

Climate Change Research

We partner with leading universities and research institutions to study climate change impacts on agricultural and natural systems. Our climate change research focuses on: Understanding…

Forestry Development

We engage in sustainable forestry projects that conserve biodiversity, support local communities, and provide climate change solutions. Our forestry development services include: Reforestation projects that…

Agricultural Investments

We provide impact-driven agricultural investments that generate sustainable returns while promoting food security, rural development, and climate resilience. here is an overview of our agricultural…


We invest our time and resources on communities needs and building our work on that


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