About Us

History and Background

Agro Systems was founded in 2015 by a team of agricultural experts and business leaders. Our founders saw huge potential to apply sustainable practices to improve food production and environmental stewardship in Cameroon.

Starting as a small consulting firm, Agro Systems quickly grew to become a leading agricultural investment and forestry development company. Today, we manage over 50,000 hectares of cropland and forests in Cameroon. Our team has grown to over 100 employees working to fulfill our mission. 

Mission and Values

Our mission is to promote productive, resilient agroecosystems by combining sustainability, technology, and community partnerships.

We value:

  • Sustainability – We uphold sustainable practices that conserve soils, water, and forests.
  • Innovation – We embrace new technologies and research to drive progress.
  • Integrity – We operate transparently and ethically in all our dealings.
  • Prosperity – We invest in projects that improve incomes and food security.


Our head office is located in Buea, Cameroon. This provides close proximity to our projects located across Cameroon’s diverse agroecological zones.

[Photo Gallery]

4-5 photos showing Agro Systems’ offices, field teams, facilities, and project sites.

This gives an overview of Agro Systems’ history, mission, values, and location. The photo gallery provides visuals of the company’s operations and community impacts. Let me know if you would like me to modify or add anything to this About Us page content.