Natural Resources Management

Water Resources

We promote water conservation in agriculture through practices like drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting, and laser land leveling. We recharge groundwater through watershed management programs. We monitor water quality and train farmers on pollution prevention.

Land Resources

We build soil health through composting, crop rotation, erosion control, and reduced tillage. We rehabilitate degraded lands using agroforestry and other restoration methods. We conserve biodiversity by minimizing synthetic inputs and protecting natural habitats.

Biodiversity Conservation

We promote the conservation of biodiversity across agricultural and forest landscapes. This includes preserving natural habitats, wildlife corridors, and the genetic diversity of native crops and tree species. Our practices minimize deforestation and land conversion of high-biodiversity areas.

Renewable Energy

We work to expand the use of renewable energy like solar, biogas, and micro hydropower. This provides clean energy access to rural communities while reducing reliance on fuelwood and fossil fuels. We install solar panels in our facilities and train farmers on biogas production from manure.

By conserving Water Resources,  Land Resources, biodiversity and expanding renewable energy, we can maintain the health of ecosystems and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with agriculture and land use change. Our integrated approach considers how to manage different natural resources sustainably.

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