Center for forests and climate change

At Agro Systems, we leverage forestry solutions to combat climate change and its impacts on ecosystems and communities. Our work focuses on:

Deforestation and Forest Conversion

We aim to prevent deforestation by supporting sustainable forestry practices and identifying alternatives to forest conversion for agriculture or other land uses. We engage communities in monitoring and managing their forest resources.

Forest Value Chains

We promote the development of sustainable forest value chains that generate incomes for local people through improved harvesting, processing, and marketing of forest products like timber, nuts, fruits, and medicinals.

Forests and Climate Change

We study how climate change affects forest health and implement strategies to enhance adaptation and resilience. We develop nature-based carbon sequestration projects in forests to offset CO2 emissions.

Protected Areas

We partner with communities, governments, and NGOs to establish and manage protected areas that conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services. We provide training and livelihood opportunities for local stewards.

Through our integrated approach, we aim to harness the potential of forests and trees to mitigate climate change, build adaptation capacity, and create livelihood opportunities that make standing forests valuable to local populations.

Let me know if you would like me to modify this content focused on forests, climate change, and Agro Systems’ work in this arena.

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